How does nocospray work?

How does nocospray work?

Nocospray is a calibrated disinfection system made up of two integral components – the Nocospray machine and the Nocolyse solution.

About Nocolyse

Nocolyse is a powerful sporicidal disinfectant that can kill dangerous pathogens common in hospitals and healthcare settings. The amount of Nocolyse required to disinfect a room is defined by the room dimensions and the pathogen type present.  Nocospray is precalibrated to work with Nocolyse and requires no dilution or measuring.

  • Next-generation biodisinfectant based on a proprietary hyper-catalytic Hydrogen Peroxide complex
  • Ready-to-use aqueous solution
  • Sporicidal

About Nocospray

Nocospray is a compact, portable machine that disperses Nocolyse in the form of vapor throughout a room disinfecting all hard surfaces. Runtime pre-settings ensure the machine works for the appropriate length of time to release the right dose of Nocolyse.

The Nocospray Disinfection System is a ready to use, easy to transport disinfection solution ideal for healthcare environments, schools, daycares, gyms, spas, resorts and hotels. The Nocospray System has been proven effective across a broad spectrum of germs that pose real infection threats today including Norovirus, MRSA and Clostridium difficile (C. diff).