Long term care facilities (LTC’s) face infection control challenges that are related but different from those of other healthcare settings such as hospitals, clinics or ambulances. LTC is a more permanent situation so one goal in this setting is to make it as rich as possible given the client’s health. Clients are encouraged to move about the facility and avoid isolation to whatever degree possible.

Your AMG Medical representative can work with you to use these forms to their best advantage.

Deployment record form

Deployment record

These tools are designed to help you find ways to incorporate Nocospray into your plans and protocols that go beyond stoping an outbreak and may even help you prevent one.

Deployment record form: This form can help you monitor where and how your Nocospray machine is being used. (pdf file)

The kitchen: Consider running the Nocospray after the last meal of the day, everyday. Complete your cleaning, set up the machine, and close the door. The next morning come in and get ready for breakfast.

Any bathroom, shower or bathing room: The moist environment is ideal for many species of germs. Weekly disinfection after cleaning will help reduce the extent to which biofilm can form.

Protocol Template

Protocol Template

In addition some of the most common illnesses that spread rapidly do so through human waste including, norovirus and c.difficile.

Protocol Template form: This form can help set-up and communicate a protocol including, Nocospray, to staff. (pdf file)

The lounges and other social rooms: Addressing the area once a week, like clock work, may help control the spread of infection while clients are sharing experiences.

Room Treatment

Room Treatment

The physiotherapy rooms or clinics: Weekly treatment can help contain the danger for ‘the next’ client.

Room Treatment Record form: This form can help you monitor how Nocospray is being used in a specifc room. (pdf file)