Why do you need the Nocospray Disinfection System?

Why do you need the Nocospray Disinfection System?

Hospital acquired infections (HAIs) in healthcare facilities, flu epidemics in schools and daycares, and Norovirus outbreaks in long-term care facilities are harmful to the people who contract them and damaging to the healthcare system financially. Spore-forming bacteria such as C. difficile are particularly hard to eradicate from contaminated areas leading to recurring illness and repeated outbreaks.

Germs are invisible

The dominant method of room disinfection today is traditional cleaning using bleach, disinfectant, mops, rags, microfiber and buckets. Cleaning personnel are limited by time constraints and the inability to find germs that can’t be seen.

Considering these limitations, manual cleaning can be more effective when used in combination with a disinfection system. Emergent disinfection technologies make it possible to sterilize contaminated rooms cost-effectively and in adherence to Infection Control guidelines.

The Nocospray System offers an effective, cost efficient, easy to use solution that enables institutions like hospitals, long-term care facilities and schools to compensate for human error and time constraints and help ensure complete disinfection of an area.

Where can you find more information about the Nocospray System?

For more information or to schedule a demonstration at your institution please complete the contact form and provide us with your information or call the Nocospray Team directly at 1-800-361-2210 (9 to 5 EST).